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The RIA[...].xyz Storyis Coming Soon.

It’s Here.  From the Founders of RIAmarketplace.xyz comes a Suite of Services for the Industry.

RIA.xyz was recently launched as the first “Market Network” specific to the industry of Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs).

With $4 trillion in current assets and an annual growth rate of over 10%, RIAs are best positioned to capture over $23 trillion of affluent assets as Baby Boomers begin entering into retirement.

To facilitate this growth, RIA.xyz provides a suite of 5 services to improve networking and interaction between 34,000 RIAs and the 5,000 providers that specialize in this industry.

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Watch for our sister RIA advocacy site, launching in 2020 at Fiduciary.org!


Largest Group of RIA Professionals. Anywhere.

Established in 2008, RIA Marketplace is a place where advisors can meet each other, ask questions, and get the knowledge they need to succeed. Our group is filled with quality vetted experts and has grown to almost 17,000 members. Join RIA [marketplace] and engage with the best in the industry.