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If at all possible, we aim to provide people of the RIA business with the brainfood they need to be among the in-the-know and on-the move of the industry.

We founded RIABiz in August of 2009 and started by throwing out the thou-shalt books that tell how to run magazines, newspapers, blogs, news websites, directories and research services. We wanted the color, captions and quality of The Economist, the timeliness of Bloomberg, the personality of your favorite blog and the online destination that doesn’t look like a makeshift way of putting print content onto a website.

When we get a pile of research we want to share, we try to put it into English. We are competitive people and want to break every useful story. We are intellectually vain and want to introduce every new angle. We want to be part of the Google+ generation that puts information with faces and we use them at every opportunity.

Will we succeed in all this with our modest staff and chimp-sized brains? Not always. But hopefully the debris of our efforts will continue to give you a dynamic stopover on your daily meandering of the Internet and instill you with similarly hyper-charged idealistic business objectives that – when they fall short – still stand taller than what’s typically out there.

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